Symphony X nombra su siguiente CD

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El próximo material discográfico de Symphony X, llevará por nombre Iconoclast. Así lo confirmó el vocalista Rusell Allen en una entrevista para Metal Messiah Radio y saldrá a la venta durante el 2011 a través de Nuclear Blast Records.

Allen declaró que el disco no es conceptual en cuanto a las líricas, pero si bien cada una de las canciones que conforman el octavo LP de la banda, hablan sobre invasión que ha sufrido la sociedad por parte de la tecnología y el posible control al que podamos estar sometidos los humanos en un tiempo no muy lejano.

Es básicamente la idea de que las máquinas van a hacerse cargo de todo y toda esta tecnología que introducimos en nuestra sociedad nos llevará a nuestra muerte. Es una historia con la que todos estábamos familiarizados, pero le ponemos nuestro toque personal.

El álbum es muy intenso, probablemente el disco más intenso que hayamos hecho; está lleno de riffs, toneladas de riffs. La música es pesada, pero la voz es melódica en términos de… los coros son muy poderosos, los versos son fuertes, pero canto agresivamente, mucho de eso porque nuevamente el tópico es muy oscuro; eso es lo que hacemos. Así que el disco es muy poderoso. Y, por supuesto, tenemos una canción que es como 'mini épica', por decir, es la más liviana, una luz, luz, una canción de luz. Así que hay un contraste en el disco de esa canción que tiene el sentir de 'Paradise Lost' (2007); supongo que es una balada, si así lo quieren llamar." 


  1. First, we LOVE inside the casislcs concerts. We have come the past 2 years to all the Thursday concerts. We come on Saturday nights too (6 concerts/season) but inside the casislcs are BY FAR our favorite. We would come to ALL inside the casislcs if we had the choice. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about orchestra music, I enjoy the music much more after I’ve been briefed about it in the first half. Sam and Sarah, you guys also are very good public speakers and do a great job facilitating.Second, unlike other posters, I (and my husband too) did NOT like the video screen. I found it very distracting. It took me away from experiencing the music as a whole. I was unable to look at the whole orchestra and try to take in what was happening as a whole because the screen kept vying for my attention.Thirdly, I enjoyed having Jay there as something different than usual. It was a fun change of pace and it was neat to meet a composer. For a 17 year old, he did great job up on stage communicating and answering questions. However, this was probably my least favorite concert of the past 2 years because it lacked some of the spunk and depth that are usually present (due partly to Sam in particular being an excellent public speaker).Fourthly, I really enjoy the music theory aspects of the concerts as well as when a particular musician gets to talk about what it’s like to prepare to play a piece of music or play his/her instrument.Fifthly, some questions I have about orchestras that I would enjoying hearing answers to are the following:How much time on average (I’m sure it varies a lot) does a musician have to spend to prepare for each concert?Does an orchestra score list how many of each instrument to use?Not every violin for instance plays in every piece, how are musicians paid? Are they paid per piece they play in? By some other method?What exactly does the concertmaster do (besides play the note at the beginning that everyone tunes to)?How competitive are the musicians within the MN orchestra? Are people constantly trying to move up in position in their section or is there more of a team mentality?That’s all for now. Thanks for all your hard work. We really enjoy these concerts. And please consider not using that big screen!Sincerely,Kerra

  2. We will be at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, August 3rd to see it. We wouldn’t miss Pixar in Concert for ntnhiog in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, Hollywood Bowl is such an awesome venue. We can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. This is a very informative alrcite, and thanks to Drew McManus for his great coverage of the strike. I would add one thing to his last comment (in this alrcite): while transparency of the $2 million in question is necessary (who has donated this money and what really are the terms of educational use?), the big issue is clearly change of work rules. For management to parcel out the orchestra in small groups, it cheapens the product: the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s strength is that it is a top rated orchestra. Management has a great product sell it like the public needs it they need it now more than ever.

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