4 Razones para asistir a Atheist y Kataklysm

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Este 6 de abril, Eyescream Productions nos trae otro concierto en el que se destilará una brutal contienda de death metal con cortes asesinos, y uno más con técnica y progresividad.

Atheist se estará presentando para poner en claro porque son pioneros del death progresivo; y por otro lado, Kataklysm, reafirmará porque es una de las agrupaciones más reconocidas de los últimos tiempos en su natal Canadá.

El concierto es imperdible y nosotros te decimos porque. Adquiere aquí tus boletos.

Por Sergio Alvite

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  1. concierto(Atheist)de obligación para toda persona que le guste el metal!!!
    Kataklysm vale verga.Duro pero justo!!!

  2. Richard Dawkins, the man of reason, does not begin his reaosning process at its natural first point, and that is with the question of what is the very nature and essence of existence itself. We learn that no single thing’, element, essence, creature in the universe contains the answer to what is the reason’ for itself. And the same, we find applies to the whole universe itself. We conclude it had a beginning, and the point of its beginning is universally described as The Big Bang’. It was created at that point. Prior to that point, it did not exist. You and I had a beginning prior to which, we did not exist. We know that prior to our existence our parents utilised their natural physical capacities which gave us entry into the physical world. Our beginning came with the exercise of powers which necessarily pre-existed us with the power and capacity to generate us into existence. This logic naturally takes us to the question of the origin of the universe, a created entity, not the reason for itself, which was generated into existence at its beginning by the operation of that which necessarily pre-existed it, which had, of necessity, all the powers, capacities and attributes able to produce all of the wonders of the Creation. We cannot help but note the incredible intricacy and profound capacities which exist in all of the creatures and cannot help but note how intelligently pieced together that we all are, and that we, as created beings, are primarily intelligent beings. How could it possibly be concluded otherwise then, that the Causal Source of ourselves and of the whole Creation, which pre-existed and created us, could be anything other than an awesome intelligence with incomprehensible power. From this Intelligent Power’ we have all received the gift of life. Awesome wonder! Best wishes, Alan Mitter. Note: There can fundamentally be only two types of existence, namely Uncreated Being’ and Created Being’.

  3. The problem with doiprivsng the existence of god is that you have to refute the evidence that claims he does, which means you have to pick holes in holy texts.Going down this route will probably end up in a slanging match which will go over the heads of the people stood in the middle and lose them. Both theists and atheists will seem as crazy as each other. («You’re both arguing over a text that was written ages ago and one I haven’t read properly/don’t care about»)I like the area of «we believe in Good», which infers there is a difference between Good and Evil and Right and Wrong. It’s important to keep Law separate from Religion. But this might be too worthy , too an intellectual problem to concern us. Religion forces you into believing (you’re damned if you don’t believe) So Atheism positioning should be less about God doesn’t exist and more about letting you question, examine, doubt. What worries me about Faith schools is that it’s brain washing your child. They don’t let them question, doubt and be inquisitive. They are being told how to think.Science is the least biased way of finding about the world. Faith isn’t. Faith comes with pre set conditions. That’s why we all should be an atheist in that regard. So your child has the freedom to find god, if he exists, themselves.

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