Black Country Communion continuará lo hecho en su debut

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Black Country Communion, la super banda conformada por el bajista y cantante Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin) en batería, el guitarrista Joe Bonamassa y el tecladista Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater), confirmó a través de Hughes en una entrevista para Antimusic, que el segundo CD del grupo ya está siendo compuesto y será nuevamente producido por Kevin Shirley (Dream Theater, Silverchair, Aerosmith), así como afirmó que será la segunda parte de su debut, Black Country (2010).

"El álbum va a ser la segunda parte del primero. Como saben, nunca re-escribo una canción dos veces. Tengo que ser muy claro en esto. He trabajado, realmente trabajado muy duro en el álbum número dos. Como lo hice en el primero pero esta vez tuve más tiempo de componer canciones. Jason (Bonham) ha estado muy ocupado, asi que el llega en enero a mi casa para componer canciones conmigo y Joe (Bonamassa). Pero el álbum será la segunda parte." 


  1. Jeff Woods on I know what you mean about Eric Clapton. I have seen him several times and my iepomssirn is that he’s a far more compelling performer from the stand-point of what’s coming throught the speakers, than visually. Not that I would suggest he jump around the stage. Its simply a case of him appearing not to be as engaged as some of us would like. Perception is everything, obviously. It has to be incredibly challenging to connect one on one, in a stadium or an arena. Does anyone ever feel like Mick Jagger does? I do feel like Keith Richards does. Many others too. I did, however, gain more appeciation for Clapton, upon reading his life story, although dynamic continues not to be a word I would use to describe him. A student of the blues would be more appropriate. And full points for his efforts in addiction recovery, both his own, and countless others.

  2. Jeff Woods on No greater joy than whtiacng, other than actually playing! Thankfully, even at a level far below what Jeff Beck’s band reaches, that feeling can be achieved every now and then with the right people on the right day.And I agree how great the feeling of those shivers but when I clean my rose coloured glasses I have to say, that there was always the odd stand out, amidst lesser offerings, even way back, before the collapse of the record company model enjoyed by so many pre-internet. Ironic, in this age of instant communication, how so many of us feel as if finding great (current) music has never been more difficult! I think the truth is, that Jeff Beck’s only come along once every 50 years.Cheers David.

  3. David Cox on Jeff aalyws has been, and aalyws will be, my favourite of the big three guitarists of the British Invasion. I think he’s been pushing the envelope since before he was born. I also loved his reaction to the incredible playing of his bass player. She was fabulous. I’ve had the pleasure of having that reaction to people I’ve been on stage with. There’s no greater joy than watching, and listening, as someone pushes against the edges of a song without breaking them. It’s also great to feel shivers run up and down my spine which just does not happen with the music being foisted upon the public by the labels these days.

  4. merren on Black Country is one of the better new bands out there,Enjoyed the whole cd and Glen Hughs has one of the best rock vocies around in the past few years.It would have done well even if it didn’t have Jason Bonham name to help it.Jeff Beck is one of the best and his joy for music comes out in all that he does.

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