Poison Idea en México – La banda envía saludos

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Este 14 de octubre Poison Idea, la institución del punk, viene a México para presentarse en el VD Más de la Capital mexicana. El conjunto leyenda de Estados Unidos, envía saludos a sus fans.

Los boletos continúan a la venta.


  1. 1. Ooh, like the intro and echo-ey tone. Digging the nearly-overloaded redocred levels of the instruments, nice contrast with the delicate vocals. I can totally imagine Ronnie Spector having redocred this song. Aw, it’s over. Liked this one a lot.2. AAAGH! In my face! Has a vague Guided By Voices feel to the music. Super-annoyed about 20 seconds, starting to like it by the 1:30 mark. Okay, now I’m annoyed again.3. Oh, a Nick Drake lost track? No? Sure could be. Okay, now it doesn’t sound like Nick Drake at all. Liked it overall, nice and short, guitar was a little frantic. Is this Sebadoh (sp)?4. Aw, yeah. Oh no, hand claps. Is this that Toni Basil/White Stripes collaboration I’ve been hearing about? This would be a good song to have your iPod/alarm clock combo play to wake you up on a morning where you had to be in early.5. Zzzz. Sounds like it could have been originally redocred by Howard Jones. Zzzz.

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