Cannibal Corpse con clip de próximo DVD

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Cannibal Corpse pone a la venta el 15 de marzo su nuevo DVD Global Evisceration, que contendrá un disco de 3 horas de duración con arte de Vince Locke. El material incluye dos conciertos en vivo, en The Gothic Theater en Englewood y en el Sunshine Theater de Alburquerque, ambos filmados en 2010. El disco también contará con material extra como detrás de cámaras, la banda en vivo, etc, todo durante la gira del CD Evisceration Plague

Ve a continuación un clip de Global Evisceration, y pre-ordenalo aquí.


  1. On 2008 s career revosrpectite `Centuries of Torment’ George `Corpsegrinder’ Fisher (vocals) observed when they finally call it quits he is likely to have neck problems from all the years of head banging. Cannibal Corpse have been in existence for almost 25 years and there is no end in sight. Like the undead they seem destined to forever roam this planet, slowly evolving their sound with each new album. In the last decade CC has gone from strength to strength. 2003 saw them become the first Death Metal act to reach sales of over one million discs, album No 10 `KILL’ (2006) took the band to new levels of critical acclaim and 2009 s `Evisceration Plague’ entered the billboard 200 at #66 their highest ever position.Of course album sales do not equate to music quality and while it’s arguable if they’ve since released anything as essential as `Tomb of the Mutilated’ or `The Bleeding’ this is a band that has made a career of producing albums of ever increasing quality. Recorded late 2011 at Sonic Ranch studios Texas (Gore Obsessed, The Wretched Spawn) as well as Mana Studios Florida (KILL, Evisceration Plague) album no 12 `Torture’ is the 3rd to be produced by Erik Rutan. In recent interviews Alex Webster (bass) explained that a lot of effort had been made to ensure each song had it’s own unique identity and compared to the two previous albums this is indeed the facet of Torture that defines it above anything else.As album opener `Demented Aggression’ kicks in the first thing you notice is the rich production and depth of sound. This one has a thrashy feel. It’s not quite CC at full force- not quite `Hammer Smashed Face’ or `The Time to Kill is Now’ but it’s a nice warm up. Second track `Sarcophagic Frenzy’ is mid tempo with more interesting riffs than the opener and smatterings of blastbeats. But it’s track 3 `Scourge of Iron’ where Torture really comes to life. This is a slow grinding song, the lyrics tell the story of mass of prisoners having the flesh beaten and torn from their bodies and the song itself sounds like the soundtrack to the gates of hell. `Encased In Concrete’ is next and full force from the start kicking off with a rabid Pat O Brien solo. This one is classic CC with multiple time changes, riffs that get seared into your brain and Corpsegrinder barking out the vocals as only he can.`As Deep As The Knife Will Go’ is a straight up anthem and possibly the best song on the album- super catchy riffs, blastbeat sections and a chorus you can’t help but sing along to. It makes you want to ram knifes into peoples eye sockets, in a good way. `Intestinal Crank’ is another classic with churning rhythms giving way to groove sections & wild solos before dissolving into some awesome time changes to end the track. As the great songs pile up it soon becomes clear CC have produced yet another masterpiece in Torture. `The Strangulation Chair’ is a virtual eargasm filled with `The Bleeding’ styled riffs and an Alex Webster bass solo. Final track `Torn Through’ is pure Cannibal Corpse perfection- relentless blastbeats, riffs that are at the same time crushingly heavy and equally catchy and Corpsegrinder laying waste to all with a devastating vocal performance. It simply does not get any better than this.

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