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  1. I was diagnosed with hanvig a bone spur on my great left toe this past week. I am 32 years old and an avid runner (former collegiate athlete) and salsa dancer. The latter is what seems to bother my toe more, and it’s also what I am the most concerned about losing. It’s not hallux rigidus, but perhaps limitus. Anyway, my questions are these:1. How do I go about finding a good podiatrist? I can find one, but I have no idea how to find if there are any records of performance, ratings, board certification listings, and if they have experience in dealing with the issue (potentially in surgery) that I face.2. How long does it typically take to be seen by a podiatrist in the Mayo Clinic for consultation and for surgery (regular or arthroscopic)?3. Is there a big difference in success rates, complications, etc., between regular surgery (cheilectomy) and arthroscopic surgery, or do they even do scopes on toes like that?

  2. Have worn custom ortohtics for 20 years, I am 50. I have chronic severe overpronation. Have told numerous Doctors and specialists that problems are from feet, psoriatic arthritis, entire foot and ankle pain, chronic tendinitis, bursitis, Ib band syndrome, calf pain and spasms, severe pain from feet to head, Si joint dysfunction, moderate to severe foot, ankle, knee, hip, back shoulder and neck arthritis. They blame it on Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I believe the 20 years of severe overpronatin is the cause of most of these issues. They want to due total hip replacements and back surgery. I can barely walk, breath, think or eat due to severity of pain. I believe ortohtics are Not enough to correct overpronation and we need to stabilize feet, ankles and legs and back before we should replace hips. Any suggestions? Please help! Thank you.Lynn

  3. I am desperate to find some help for my 20 year old son who has been diongased with tarsal coalition. He has been seen by a local orthopaedic specialist for the last 7 months. We have completed all of the normal treatments recommended for this disorder (immobilization, walking boots, customized shoe inserts, specialty shoes and socks, extended physical therapy, anti-inflammatory). His doctor released him saying that was all she could do and did not think he was a candidate for either types of surgery since both sides of both feet are involved. He continues to be in constant pain and can barely walk at this point. PLEASE tell me who might be able to help him.Thank you for your time!!

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