Frank Watkins fuera de Obituary

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Frank Watkins acaba de oficializar su salida de Obituary para dedicarse de tiempo completo a Gorgoroth, aunque esta no es la causa de su partida.

Los de Florida ahora tienen, al parecer, de tiempo completo al bajista de Six Feet Under, Terry Butler.

Watkins no ha hecho declaraciones al respecto que puedan publicarse.


  1. I don’t see any implication from Jon that Sally Ride was not a good role model. Just the opiptose. One instance where Paterno decided in hind sight that he should have bucked his bosses ???? Joe Paterno was the boss. The President of the University tried to fire him 7 years ago and it didn’t take. Paterno was the most powerful man on the Penn State campus. No one was a close second.The fact the college athletics is a cesspit of sham amatureism that systematically exploits young people is not an excuse for not reporting child abuse.

  2. Jon, you are the only person I can find who is even imnilypg that Sally Ride was not a good role model. I suppose there is someone somewhere saying that but google does not find it for me. Paterno did much more than win games. He was a very positive role model and influence on many young people. To have one instance in his life where he decided in hind sight that he should have bucked his bosses and the DA who had previously declined to press charges and gone public with charges that he could not substantiate is not really the black mark that many are painting it as. You know as well as I do that NDSU and every other university does this as standard operating procedure. The only thing that is different is the nature of the offense they covered up. This whole article is garbage based on your supposition and nothing else.

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