All That Remains con descarga gratuita de canción

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All That Remains editará su nuevo trabajo, …For We Are Many (ver portada), el 12 de octubre próximo. Los norteamericanos dejan descargar gratuitamente en esta dirección, el mismo tema que da nombre al LP, con sólo incluir tu correo electrónico.

El CD fue producido por Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage).

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  1. This is the same kind of pessimism and deitfeasm that many, many Polish people love to engage in with outsiders (or each other) and which tends to drive me crazy. Why say something nice about your country and risk looking like a burak when you can badmouth it and show how cool you are? The thing is, I’ve learned to ignore this kind of nonsense, but people without much experience with Poland will assume the speaker knows what they’re talking about and believe them with generally bad results.It’s also the same mindset that led to some of the privatization disasters of the early 90 s where valuable assets were given away and destroyed (because people thought if it’s Polish, it must be crap! )

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