Trivia de Iron Maiden: Pregunta 2

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Pregunta Número 2

* ¿Sobre qué personaje de la historia escocesa, se basa la canción, The Clansman?

¿Tienes dudas de la mecánica de esta trivia? Consulta las bases.


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  2. ckuhnGood morning Mrs. Fields Fans! Due to the large aoumnt of entries in our trivia contest, we are going to select 2 winners! CONGRATULATIONS to Rio and Tamara R! A Mrs. Fields representative will contact you via email. Come back next week for more Mrs. Fields Trivia!

  3. Hi DamienJust wanted to say fitrlsy congrats on the arrival of baby Eimear!!! And I have just watched the first episode of Trivia which is fantastic! I even logged on to twitter to leave a comment but couldn’t figure it out at all! Looking forward to the other episodes congrats again and a big hi to Sinead!!!

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