Dirty Rotten Imbeciles también a tocar en Jalisco

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  1. When did it become aebaptccle to suspend the rights and freedoms of Canadians just because there are world leaders in town? You can be arrested (without cause, and held until they get around to putting you before a judge) for «suspicion» of being a terriost. This is 100% BULL SHIT! I support the system, but not when they take away the rights of people who are citizens for this country. I will be in Toronto this week to do my own protesting. Anyone who does not know their history is condemned to repeat it (Germany circa. 1918). That’s what Canada is turning into. Stand up for your rights, call your elected officials and DEMAND an answer.In the aftermath rights of the 1997 APEC summit in Vancouver, a Canadian judge concluded that protesters have the right to be seen and heard, which means that visiting leaders cannot be shielded from lawful protests. Canadian officials have determined that this means arrangements must be made so that protesters will be visible to those participating in the summit. In a 2007 summit which brought together the Canadian Prime Minister and the presidents of Mexico and the United States, security organizers restricted demonstrators to a forest clearing more than a kilometer away, while using a video feed to beam images of the protests to a large monitor where the leaders could watch if they wanted. In response to questioning about demonstrations and protesters, a spokesman for the authorities explained, «It remains our view that what they don’t have the right to do is to preclude leaders from meeting. We will take the steps necessary to ensure that leaders can meet and that protesters will have an opportunity to protest.

  2. Cindy: Hi, I am new here. Let me tell you a little about mylesf, I live in a 116 year old Victorian house in Blue Mountain, Mississippi which I am in the process of rehabing and decorating with a «Country Victorian/Shabby Chic/Romantic» look LOL. I make and sell mid 19th Century reproduction clothing for fun and extra money (extra money being part of the fun so I can go junking more!). I love your blog! Kindred spirits, I do projects very similiar to the ones you do on a regular basis.Now, as to TarnX, not only will it eat away at silver plating but, in a couple of days you are going to have to polish your silver again, it just does not last and protect the surface of the silver like Wright’s does (I learned this from hard won experience with my Mom’s silver tea service and trays). I, like you, use Wright’s because that was what my Mom used and I guess the old adage «Mom is always right» does hold true in this situation. Maggie

  3. If the protests were pcuaefel, there would be no need for all the security measures. But it’s pretty obvious that the anarchists don’t give a rat’s ass for pcuaefel protest. There are marches and demostrations here in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, many times in a single year. They usually pass the parliament buildings without incident in a pcuaefel manner. They are visible and are an annoyance to commuters and such but they are non-destructive and non-violent. I have zero issue with these demonstrations. But as soon as things become destructive and violent, then I also have no issue with the police force clamping down on these, even harder than the currently do.

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