Todo el CD de Stone Temple Pilots para escuchar

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Luego que Stone Temple Pilots mostró poco a poco gran parte de su álbum de regreso de mismo nombre que los estadounidenses, ahora permiten escuchar aquí en su entereza todo el redondo que el 25 de mayo se pone a la venta.


  1. Thr Failure tribute album was Fantastic as well. Yes, bvileee it or not it is a solid tribute by their fans and bands that were heavily influenced by them. lets face it, its not failure, but you can hear the love the bands on the tribute have for failure. and thank you Failure, for everything you ever recorded. i still go straight to the F’s at the record store, just to see if there is anything there, wishful thinking +1Was this answer helpful?

  2. It’s quite awesome that we are getntig all of those significant posthumous releases. However, I say the band should reunite for a show so we can get an awesome live album. I demand I Can See Houses to be played and recorded at this show that should happen in the near future! It deserves a recording without crowd banter about a guy named Fabio’s party. +1Was this answer helpful?

  3. Check out a podcast reivew of Failure’s Fantastic Planet on Dig Me Out, a weekly podcast dedicated to digging up lost College Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Rock and Hard Rock of the 1990s, one album at a time. digmeoutpodcast . com +1Was this answer helpful?

  4. Comfort just came out on vinyl through ORGmusic. They are doing Magnified in a few mhtons as well. There’s also the promo press of Comfort from way back. I’m sure you know all this already but maybe it’ll help someone else out. +2

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