Mater Tenebrarum de Necrodeath

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Necrodeath, los extremistas italianos, dejan ver el video de la canción Mater Tenebrarum, derivada de Old Skull, material que celebra los 25 años de estos europeos.

Old SKull es un álbum de covers de Slayer, Bathory, Kreator, Sodom, Venom, Diamon Head, Motörhead, etc, que contiene apariciones en la grabación de miembros de otra leyenda italiana Bulldozer, así como ex-miembros de Schizo. El CD ya está a la venta.


  1. Thank you so much, you are so right it all goes back to love not only for the children, but us as adtlus as well. This is something that God has told me to do as well as my book, so I am trying to make the transistion, as well as provide for the kidos, so if you could help people be aware of the site and encourage interaction that would be great. Using the links on the page as well wouldnt hurt. I have a lot more to post just trying to get it in here in a timly mannor and keep up with everything else, it is a chore.. But again thank you so much and hope to see you in here a lot..

  2. Cant wait to hear some of your new Original Music THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING i know its not your first but i heard a futrue album will be most songs wrtetin by yourself and co so the rummour has it lol All the best our Queen, love from your Maricans.xx

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