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Fleshgod ApocalypseMafia (EP)
Pain Of SalvationRoad Salt One
CynicRe-Traced (EP)
God Is An AstronautAge Of The Fifth Sun
Aiumeen BasoaIraganeko Bide Malkartsutik
Black MajestyIn Your Honour
Pretty MaidsPandemonium
Mael MórdhaManannán
MandrakeInnocence Weakness
LaethoraThe Light In Which We All Burn
As I Lay DyingThe Powerless Rise
Misery IndexHeirs To Thievery
Brain DrillQuantum Catastrophe
Keep Of KalessinReptilian
Danko JonesBelow The Belt
ExodusExhibit B: The Human Condition
LacrimosaSchattenspiel (Recopilación)
Defeated SanityChapters Of Repugnance
DeftonesDiamond Eyes
GodsmackThe Oracle
MasterplanTime To Be King
NegatorPanzer Metal
Section ASacrifice
Heaven Shall BurnInvictus
SabatonCoat Of Arms
AeonPath Of Fire
Trigger The BloodshedDegenerate
Leng Tch'eHypomanic
Porcupine TreeAnesthetize (DVD)
Enemy Of The SunCaedium
InnerWishNo Turning Back
NevermoreThe Obsidian Conspiracy
Alkonost Na Kryliah Zova (On The Wings Of The Call)
LoudnessKing Of Pain
AnathemaWe're Here Because We're Here
  Eleventh ApparitionSilhouettes & Sinners (EP)


  1. ¡¡¡Puuuff!! Muchos discos de buenas bandas, en lo personal me quedo con 3: Masterplan, Cynic y Pain of Salvation, todos me vuelan la cabeza al escucharlas. Saludoooxxxxx.

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