Nuevos Lanzamientos – Enero

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Dream EvilIn The Night
MyrathDesert Call
In MourningMonolith
Dark FortressYlem
Orden OganEaston Hope
NodeIn The End Everything Is A Gag
Tokyo BladeLive In Germany (DVD)
UrbanduxEleven Eleven
SighScenes From Hell
Liberty N JusticeLight It Up
DestructionA Savage Symphony – The History Of Annihilation (DVD)
ThrudvangarDurch Blut Und Eis
Gamma RayTo The Metal
Freedom CallLegend Of The Shadowking
ExcalionHigh Time
Winter’s VergeTales Of Tragedy
Nihil Novi Sub SoleJupiter Temple
Living SacrificeThe Infinite Order
Suicidal TendenciesLive At The Olympic Auditorium (DVD)
Orphaned LandThe Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR
HeathenThe Evolution Of Chaos
DeathboundNon Compos Mentis
Six Feet UnderGraveyard Classics III
Divine EveVengeful And Obstinate (EP)
Dawn Of DemiseA Force Unstoppable
In VainMantra
Annotations Of An AutopsyThe Reign Of Darkness
AbigorTime Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint: An Excursion On Satan’s Fragmenting Principle
Ekove EfritsHypermnesia
MnemicSons Of The System
Astral DoorsRequiem Of Time
Demonic ResurrectionThe Return To Darkness
Iron MaskShadow Of The Red Baron
Exodus – Shovel Headed Tour Machine (Live At Wacken And Other Assorted Atrocities) (DVD)
Lost DreamsWage Of Disgrace

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