noviembre 23, 2010

La agrupación estadounidense, Macabre, deja escuchar su detah metal en Locusta, un nuevo track de su próximo álbum Grim Scary Tales, a salir el 31 de enero de 2011. El material celebra el cuarto de siglo de sus integrantes originales, y sucede a su anterior CD de 2004, Murder Metal.

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  1. Mostafa says   :

    You know, recently I was asked by a very dear frnied if I could sing at their infant sons funeral. I had to sadly let them know that my singing at funeral days were done. I cry for the same reasons. I bawled because it reminded me of my own little girl up there (lost 15 years ago) I cried for all the lost dreams of my frnieds. I cried for my frnied who cannot get pregnant and feels this way every time another round of invetro does not take. I think those of us who are mothers and caretakers take these people to heart! I totally agree that ummm hobby should be up there by spouse!! LOL can there be a tie??

  2. sense dictates says   :

    I’m quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!

  3. Leila says   :

    oh lauren! i just read your first blog eneirts. for a ten-year-old, you wrote so damn kinda cracks me up that the ten yr old that was you knew about bloody show’ when i had to take up nursing to know what it is. hehe. you write so damn well. i love you already! (;