Dirty Rotten Imbeciles dará firma de autógrafos en México

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  1. Minimum pricing of alochol is merely US-style prohibition on a small scale. That was a policy disaster, since it increased the profit margins on a very easily-produced product by a couple of orders of magnitude, and this was back in the days before industrial processes could be miniaturised to the extent that they are now.Consider this: In Scotland, Buckfast Tonic Wine (a vile concoction of alochol, sugar and caffeine) is the tipple of choice for the discerning yob; it gets you drunk, provides you with fuel and the caffeine even counters the sedative effects of alochol. Genuine Buckie is fairly cheap, but a counterfeit could easily be produced using a syrup to flavour and caffeinate industrial ethanol diluted in local tap water.Tap water is free. Bottles and labels are cheap, industrial ethanol is quite cheap (the taste would be disguised by the syrup) and bottling plants are similarly easily obtained. It would be the work of only a week or so to build a plant to produce shedloads of dirt-cheap Buckfast substitute, then sell crates of this muck on to locals to sell out of the backs of cars. It could even be given a slightly higher alochol and caffeine content to give it an edge over the normal product to boost sales, despite being cheap synthetic rubbish.The trick to profiting in such a situation is to produce a just good enough product very cheaply, then sell cheap to idiots. Someone will do just that to take advantage of Government stupidity, they always do.

  2. vi ese video de mierda hace btaasnte tiempo, realmente no le encontre9 ninguna gracia, es otro borracho no me1s (no lo critico, yo soy btaasnte weno pal copete ), pero el video no me parece algo muy interesante .pero en e1ndateala.com, lejos lo que escriben en base a algo es lo mejor de todo (afan que sea una cagaa como ahora)

  3. This is wonderful. I would like to roepst it. You had me going. It contains so much «truth» that would not have gotten it had you not posted the April Fools picture and link.Thanks.

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