Shadows Fall con nuevo DVD en agosto

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El grupo norteamericano de Shadows Fall, lanzará un nuevo DVD en vivo llamado Madness In Manila: Shadows Fall Live In The Phillippines 2009, el próximo 24 de agosto en el sello propio de la banda, Everblack Industries. El material recopila el concierto del 20 de abril en aquel país, dentro del Pulp Summer Slam

Brian Fair, cantante de Shadows Fall, habla en exclusiva para Search & Destroy, acerca del logro más importante del grupo.

"Ha habido lugares en los que no habíamos estado antes, siempre me gusta viajar a nuevos países y compartir la música con la gente alrededor del mundo, para mí eso es de lo mejor. Las metas más grandes han sido tratar de salir (de Estados Unidos) a tocar lo más que podamos, aparecer en grandes festivales y cosas así, creo que esa es la mejor parte."


  1. I’ve been absent for some time, but now I rmeember why I used to love this blog. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your site?

  2. just wanted to cmmneot on DAVID HENNESSY for a kid he was GREAT really ..of course I have watched more or DS than we’re at here and with ALL THE CHARACTERS he played wow he’s great..but from what I can get checking on line here he never went any further than DS once it was OVER that was that seems he put it all behind and eventually got married and is running some restaurant has kids too so who knows?? guess he does okay though ..I have never heard of him even going to those reunions either interesting..i think..

  3. I would love to have the oppertunity to get ahold of your Book of Shadows Tarot ealreir than the US release! First off, I must note that I’m am not very lucky and have never won anything at Chinese Auctions, from the lottery, and the likes. Knowing that you are going to deliberately select winners makes me feel that my chances are much higher here than in the standard games of chance. ;]I would love to have the oppertunity to get my hands on a copy of your deck before it’s release so that I have a chance to have a more personal connection with the cards than I would with the guidebook in hand. 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I cannot wait for the release of your Book of Shadows Tarot decks, as the As Above is really pulling at my heart-strings, and I would love to get a copy prior to the release to see how much more it has to offer from what I’ve seen online!Thank you for giving your followers a chance to win copies of your unreleased As Above Book of Shadows Tarot. It’s really nice to see authors and creators give back to their fans! Enjoy your multiple responses from your fans. Be well & Blessed be!

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