Nuevos Lanzamientos – Enero

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Process Of GuiltThe Circle
AlghazanthVinum Intus
Legion Of The DamnedDescent Into Chaos
Onslaught – Sounds Of Violence
BelphegorBlood Magick Necromance
Theatres Des VampiresMoonlight Waltz
Silent Stream Of Godless ElegyNávaz
MagnumThe Visitation
IskaldThe Sun I Carried Alone
DefiledIn Crisis
BorisLive In Japan (DVD)
Power QuestBlood Alliance
Infinity Overture – The Infinite Overture Pt. 1
Appearance Of NothingAll Gods Are Gone
SkannersFactory Of Steel
DiabolicalArs Vitae
SireniaThe Enigma Of Life
Bruce LamontFeral Songs For The Epic Decline
UlcerateThe Destroyers Of All
DreamshadeWhat Silence Hides
HibriaBlind Ride
Six Feet UnderWake The Night! Live In Germany (DVD)
MacabreGrim Scary Tales
Falkenbach Tiurida

Atheist - Jupiter

Nuevos Lanzamientos – Noviembre

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Machinae SupremacyA View From The End Of The World
Magic KingdomSymphony Of War
Cradle Of FilthDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
HelheimÅsgards Fall (EP)
Beto Vázquez InfinityExistence
Electric WizardBlack Masses
Tierra SantaCaminos De Fuego
Stam1naVanhaa Paskaa (Recopilación)
Allen/LandeThe Showdown
Forgotten TalesWe Shall See The Light
HelstarGlory Of Chaos
John 5The Art Of Malice
Fall Of The IdolsAscension 2000 – 2007 (Recopilación)
Warbringer / Dew-ScentedImperial Anthems No. 2 (Split) (EP)
HumanflyDarker Later
Therapy?We're Here To The End (En Vivo)
While Heaven WeptTriumph:Tragedy:Transcendence (DVD)
SargeistLet The Devil In
Place Of Skulls – As A Dog Returns
GwarBloody Pit Of Horror
Dark LunacyWeaver Of Forgotten
BehemothEvangelia Heretika (DVD)
Deathspell OmegaParacletus
DioDio At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (En Vivo)
UnderoathØ (Disambiguation)
The OceanAnthropocentric
Yngwie MalmsteenRelentless
HellvetoWiara, Nadzieja…, Potepienie
MetallicaSix Feet Down Under Part II (EP)
Darkwater Where Stories End
IcewindAgain Came The Storm
SolefaldNorrøn Livskunst
Heaven And HellNeon Nights: 30 Years Of Heaven & Hell (DVD)
JesuHeart Ache/Dethroned (EP)
Velvet RevolverLive In Houston (DVD)
Dark The SunsSleepwalking In A Nightmare
Transcending Bizarre?The Misanthrope's Fable
SamaelAntigod (EP)
Astral DoorsTestament Of Rock – The Best Of Astral Doors (Recopilación)
Violet SunLoneliness In Supremacy
SodomIn War And Pieces
Suicidal AngelsDead Again
Impaled NazareneRoad To The Octagon
AgallochMarrow Of The Spirit
God DethronedUnder The Sign Of The Iron Cross
7 ThornsReturn To The Past
After The BurialIn Dreams
TeräsbetoniMaailma Tarvitsee Sankareita (The World Needs Heroes)
MetallicaLive At Grimey's (EP)
GotthardHeaven – Best Of Ballads Part 2 (Recopilación)
Doro25 Years In Rock (DVD)
Hardcore SuperstarSplit Your Lip
Milking The GoatmachineSeven… A Dinner For One

Nuevos Lanzamientos - Octubre

Nuevos Lanzamientos – Octubre

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Space EaterAftershock
Revolution RenaissanceTrinity
DownDiary Of A Mad Band (DVD)
Joe SatrianiBlack Swans And Wormhole Wizards
The RottedAnarchogram (EP)
MelecheshThe Epigenesis
Grave Digger The Clans Will Rise Again
Letzte InstanzHeilig
Adorned BroodHammerfeste
MortiisPerfectly Defect
Syrens Call Raging Waters
Hail Of BulletsOn Divine Winds
UnSunClinic For Dolls
Hæresiarchs Of DisDenuntiatus Cinis
IntronautValley Of Smoke
All That RemainsFor We Are Many
Magic KingdomSymphony Of War
Rhapsody Of FireThe Cold Embrace Of Fear – A Dark Romantic Symphony (EP)
VAThe Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria (DVD)
Mirror Of DeceptionA Smouldering Fire
LugubrumN.O.I.R. (EP)
Pure Reason RevolutionHammer And Anvil
The Meads Of AsphodelThe Murder Of Jesus The Jew
Voodoo SixFluke?
Michael Schenker GroupThe 30th Anniversary Concert – Live In Tokyo (En Vivo)
Amberian DawnEnd Of Eden
NeaeraForging The Eclipse
Cradle Of FilthDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
ForbiddenOmega Wave
Crystal ViperLegends
Virgin SteeleThe Black Light Bacchanalia
Steven WilsonInsurgentes (DVD)
My Dying BrideEvinta (Recopilación)
FirewindDays Of Defiance
Star OneVictims Of The Modern Age
TriptykonShatter (EP)
TankWar Machine
KriegThe Isolationist
TransatlanticWhirld Tour 2010, Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire London (En Vivo)
Sacred OathWorld On Fire
Shadows FallMadness In Manila: Shadows Fall Live In The Philippines 2009 (DVD)
KylesaSpiral Shadow
KatraOut Of The Ashes
King's XLive Love In London (DVD)
TransatlanticWhirld Tour 2010, Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire London (DVD)
Ill NiñoDead New World
Kill The ClientSet For Extinction
Stam1naVanhaa Paskaa (Recopilación)
Monster MagnetMastermind
War From A Harlots MouthMMX
The SorrowThe Sorrow
Pure IncIV
DeathstarsDecade Of Debauchery (Recopilación)
Shape Of DespairWritten In My Scars (EP)
Helloween7 Sinners

Nuevos Lanzamientos - Septiembre

Nuevos Lanzamientos – Septiembre

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Death AngelRelentless Retribution
Blackmore's NightAutumn Sky
OceansizeSelf Preserved While The Bodies Float Up
Persephone's DreamPan: An Urban Pastoral
MegadethRust In Peace Live (DVD)
Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy
VolbeatBeyond Hell/Above Heaven
Circle II CircleConsequence Of Power
KamelotPoetry For The Poisoned
SwashbuckleCrime Always Pays
Goat The HeadDoppelgängers
AutopsyThe Tomb Within (EP)
Vulture IndustriesThe Malefactor's Bloody Register
Dragonforce – Twilight Dementia [Live] LordiBabez For Breakfast
Flotsam & JetsamThe Cold
The AbsenceEnemy Unbound
Beneath The MassacreMarée Noire (EP)
AmorphisMagic & Mayhem – Tales From The Early Years (Recopilación)
ElvenkingRed Silent Tides
DrudkhHandful Of Stars
RaunchyA Discord Electric
ObsidianPoint Of Infinity
TorcheSongs For Singles
Serj TankianImperfect Harmonies
OpethIn Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD)
The Man-Eating TreeVine
ThaurorodUpon Haunted Battlefields
ExciterDeath Machine
Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra
Steven WilsonInsurgentes (DVD)
Sole RemedyApoptosis
The CrownDoomsday King
Abigail WilliamsIn The Absence Of Light
Rush2112/Moving Pictures (Classic Albums) (DVD)
EnslavedAxioma Ethica Odini
The BatallionHead Up High
October TideA Thin Shell
MushroomheadBeautiful Stories For Ugly Children
August Burns RedHome (DVD)
Iron FireMetalmorphosized

Accept - Blood Of The Nations

Nuevos Lanzamientos – Agosto

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Paul GilbertFuzz Universe
ImmortalThe Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh (DVD)
ViathynThe Peregrine Way
Black Label SocietyOrder Of The Black
Yaotl Mictlan – Dentro Del Mantro Gris De Chaac
Bonded By BloodExiled To Earth
KataklysmHeaven's Venom
Iron MaidenThe Final Frontier
FilterThe Trouble With Angels
AcceptBlood Of The Nations
Apocalyptica7th Symphony
The SwordWarp Riders
Malevolent CreationInvidious Dominion
Ion DissonanceCursed
Marty Friedman – Bad D.N.A.
Made Of HatePathogen
Ghost MachineryOut For Blood
AsphyxLive Death Doom (DVD)
Sonic SyndicateWe Rule The Night
NeurosisLive At Roadburn 2007 (En Vivo)
Mar De GrisesStreams Inwards
Spiritual BeggarsReturn To Zero
NightfallAstron Black And The Thirty Tyrants
Rush ICONS (Recopilación)
Cephalic Carnage Misled By Certainty
Genesis To Nemesis


Nuevos Lanzamientos – Julio

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SoilworkThe Panic Broadcast
Burden Of GriefFollow The Flames
Jorn Dio
AmorphisForging The Land Of Thousand Lakes (DVD)
Hell WithinGod Grant Me Vengeance
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume Five (En Vivo)
Life Of Agony20 Years Strong: River Runs Red | Live In Brussels (En Vivo)
Lilian AxeDeep Red Shadows
Impending DoomThere Will Be Violence
36 CrazyfistsCollisions And Castaways
ChimairaComing Alive (DVD)
DarkaneLayers Of Live (DVD)
DarkseedPoison Awaits
Decrepit BirthPolarity
Avenged SevenfoldNightmare
Gloria MortiAnthems Of Annihilation
Blind GuardianAt The Edge Of Time


Nuevos Lanzamientos – Junio

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Circle Of Dead Children – Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer
Watain – Lawless Darkness
Nidingr – Wolf Father
Vanden Plas – The Seraphic Clockwork
Crystal Viper – Defenders Of The Magic Circle: Live In Germany (En vivo)
Sotajumala – Kuolemanpalvelus
Primal Fear – 16.6 – All Over The World (DVD)
Necronomicon – The Return Of The Witch
Primal Fear – Live In The USA (En vivo)
A Forest Of Stars – Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring
Melvins – The Bride Screamed Murder
Nachtmystium – Addicts: Black Meddle, Part 2
Whitechapel – A New Era Of Corruption
Kingdom Of Sorrow – Behind The Blackest Tears
Mekong Delta – Wanderer On The Edge Of Time
Ethereal Blue – Essays In Rhyme On Passion & Ethics
Grave – Burial Ground
Bleeding Through – This Is Live, This Is Murderous (DVD)
Mastercastle – Last Desire
Equilibrium – ReKreatur
Witchery – Witchkrieg
Halford – Live In Anaheim (En vivo)
Angelus Apatrida – Clockwork
Yakuza – Of Seismic Consequence
Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth
Charon – A-Sides, B-Sides & Suicides (Recopilación)
Prosanctus Inferi – Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitation
The Dead – Ritual Executions
Severe Torture – Slaughtered
Bonded By Blood – Exiled To Earth
Demians – Mute
Rush – Beyond The Lighted Stage (DVD)
Korn – Korn III – Remember Who You Are
Edenbridge – Solitaire


Nuevos Lanzamientos – Mayo

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Fleshgod ApocalypseMafia (EP)
Pain Of SalvationRoad Salt One
CynicRe-Traced (EP)
God Is An AstronautAge Of The Fifth Sun
Aiumeen BasoaIraganeko Bide Malkartsutik
Black MajestyIn Your Honour
Pretty MaidsPandemonium
Mael MórdhaManannán
MandrakeInnocence Weakness
LaethoraThe Light In Which We All Burn
As I Lay DyingThe Powerless Rise
Misery IndexHeirs To Thievery
Brain DrillQuantum Catastrophe
Keep Of KalessinReptilian
Danko JonesBelow The Belt
ExodusExhibit B: The Human Condition
LacrimosaSchattenspiel (Recopilación)
Defeated SanityChapters Of Repugnance
DeftonesDiamond Eyes
GodsmackThe Oracle
MasterplanTime To Be King
NegatorPanzer Metal
Section ASacrifice
Heaven Shall BurnInvictus
SabatonCoat Of Arms
AeonPath Of Fire
Trigger The BloodshedDegenerate
Leng Tch'eHypomanic
Porcupine TreeAnesthetize (DVD)
Enemy Of The SunCaedium
InnerWishNo Turning Back
NevermoreThe Obsidian Conspiracy
Alkonost Na Kryliah Zova (On The Wings Of The Call)
LoudnessKing Of Pain
AnathemaWe're Here Because We're Here
  Eleventh ApparitionSilhouettes & Sinners (EP)


Nuevos Lanzamientos – Abril

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The OceanHeliocentric
Lair Of The MinotaurEvil Power
Bison B.C.Dark Ages
Woe Of TyrantsThrenody
Bomb Scare CrewAutopsy Of A Monster
Solution .45For Aeons Past
GwydionHorn Triskelion
End Of YouRemains Of The Day
DarkthroneCircle The Wagons
Mägo De OzGaia III – Atlantia
AvantasiaAngel Of Babylon
AvantasiaThe Wicked Symphony
The Vision BleakSet Sail To Mystery
The ForeshadowingOionos
Altar Of PlaguesTides (EP)
CrashdïetGeneration Wild
DarksunTouching The Sun
Linea 7710
AC/DCAC/DC: Iron Man 2 (Recopilación)
The HauntedRoad Kill (DVD)
Sick Of It AllBased On A True Story
AirbourneNo Guts, No Glory
SevendustCold Day Memory
Legion Of The DamnedSlaughtering (DVD)
Axel Rudi PellThe Crest
CandlemassAshes To Ashes (DVD)
Bullet For My ValentineFever
EcitonA Scent Of Veracity
Kivimetsän DruidiBetrayal, Justice, Revenge
Skyforger Kurbads
Drowning PoolDrowning Pool
Lacrimas Profundere The Grandiose Nowhere
October FallsA Collapse Of Faith
StigmaConcerto For The Undead
Rhapsody Of FireThe Frozen Tears Of Angels
Emergency GateThe Nemesis Construct
AcceptBlood Of The Nations